Coach Wallet Waverly

Coach Wallet Waverly

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Coach Wallet Waverly
Do you like these from Coach?

I'm planning to save up my allowance to buy a wallet, wristlet, and cosmetics bag by Coach. They're all from the Waverly Hearts series, do you like them? Here are the links -

Those are the three I want but I'm not going to buy them all at once. I'm going to save up my money and buy them one at a time. So, what do you think? I'm 15 btw.

For the links, the cosmetics case is 1st, the wristlet is 3rd, and the wallet is 4th.
Sammi: i'm not sure yet. i can't decide.

Cute! I love coach!
I like both of the colors that they come in too! Are you gonna get the pink or the tan?

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